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If you are working with people from refugee and migrant communities at risk of destitution, apply for a caseworker account below. You will then be able to apply for crisis support for your clients, and for hosting from Room for Refugees.

My caseworker Freya listened to me and was a huge support during the hard times.

Karim with hosts Jack and Rachel

Apply for a caseworker account

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The hosting process gives an invaluable opportunity for refugee support agencies to work on cases and stabilise clients so that they are able to re-access public funds or even resolve their case so that the right to live in the UK is granted to them. We also work with social workers from local authorities seeking loving homes for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Children.

Our online system – REFER – lets caseworkers from refugee and migrant support organisations quickly find suitable hosts for their clients. Once a referral is accepted, our staff will conduct a systematic search of potential hosts. This could take a few hours or a day or two depending on the case. When a host indicates they are available, we provide you their details. After you have met the host with the client, the host will decide, usually within a day, whether to accept your client as a guest. When a host agrees to take your client as a guest, you accompany your client to their home to discuss and sign a hosting agreement and code of conduct. 

How to apply

Apply for an online caseworker account using the link at the bottom of the page. Once the account is approved, usually within a day or so, read all the guidance and make your first referral. (For especially urgent vulnerable cases, email first to say you need an account quickly). We will then assess the referral and search for suitable hosts.

Eligibility: To be a member you must be demonstrably working with people from refugee and migrant communities at risk of destitution. You will then be able to apply for crisis support from the Positive Action in Housing Emergency Relief Fund  and for free hosting from Room for Refugees anywhere in Scotland and the rest of the UK. You must be involved with your client/s however. All grants are subject to Audit. To keep the programme running we will be implementing a voluntary fees arrangement.

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Apply for a caseworker account

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